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                       Update Announcement


  • Quest System: Added 「Quest」on the main menu, complete daily and weekly quests to claim MageCoins, another convenient and fun way of earning coins.

  • Mcard: Your personal ID card in MageCosmos world, click other people's nameplates to check their bio and decide whether to friend them!

  • Friend Quick Visit: No close friend needed to visit each other's island!Add common friends with others and you can directly visit their island on the contact list. 

  • Commando Mini-Game Update:

    • 2 New Guns: Submachine guns and assault rifles, powerful weapons for you to get the first thousand points on the battlefield.

    • AI Enemy: AI enemies roaming everywhere, be careful or you can get killed easily....They're not as weak as you thought.

  • New Hand Models: Change your hand model on the accessory menu, wear various gloves!

  • Gifts Special Effects: Improved gifts special effects when using them, add friends with anyone and try these awesome little ones!

Hot Events:

  • Coming soon: Keep a close eye on the avatar and prop sale, discount is on the way!

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