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In MageComos, you are never truly alone, for you can summon unexpected pets to keep you company all the time. Using series of pet cards, you can create a bond with these magical creatures and invite them to share in your adventures. Whether it's a mischievous sprite or a loyal dragon, the possibilities are endless.


How to get pets

We have different card series to suit your style. Whether you prefer fierce dragons or playful sprites, there is a pet for everyone. But be warned, these magical creatures must choose you as their partner, so choose wisely and nurture your bond with them.


How to raise pets

With great power comes great responsibility, as their master, it is your duty to provide for your pets and keep them happy. As you care for your pets, they will grow and develop unique abilities, making them valuable assets in your MageCosmos life.

宠物召唤4 (2).gif

Choose one to follow you!

With our pet selection system, you can choose your favorite pet to follow you around, whether it's a baby dragon or the genie of the lamp. Take them on epic adventures, show them off to your friends, and don't even worry that they would get lost.

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