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Social plays a big part in MageCosmos, making friends is always source of fun and happiness ! Whether it's hanging out, exploring new worlds, or playing games with friends
we hope MageCosmos can be your neverland

How to add a friend

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We suggest you to go to places where people gather mostly like Eternal Island, shake hands with anyone if they want, and hold the grap button for 2 seconds to add them.
Your friend's name will then displayed on the list of the main menu, you can remove them anytime.

Social interactions

You can wear interesting vocie changer when talking to others, show your MBTI tag, and check impressions people left on your page.

Click people's nameplate to leave them your impression and add to existing ones, but being friendly and polite always matters.

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Social interactions


Sending roses leaves fragrance in the hand, you can improve friendship level with your friend by sending them different kinds of gifts.

Buy gifts in the shop, the visual effect and use of gifts differ from each other. You can definitely impress one by sending awesome gift!

When the favorability reaches 1000, you can level up your relationship with a common friend to close friend, that allows to transport to where him or her is with a click. To unlock more experience, keep exploring.
Join the party and make friends out there, they're waiting for you!

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