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Sword Legend

Game Mode: IO (Multiplayer Online)

In the ancient oriental battlefield, you are beleaguered from all sides, your only goal is to knock down more enemies, upgrade and unlock more powerful weapons. Can you dominate the battlefield and how long can you remain it?


Game Mode: Squad (3V3, minimum 6 players to start)

Catch or get caught, be the hunter or the prey, have great fun while doing some exercise!


Game Mode: Squad (3V3, minimum 6 players to start)

Be a good archer and help to defeat the other team! Easy to pick up but hard to master, you can practice archery in the playground

birdman 英文海报.png


Game Mode: Solo (You can play on your own)

Fly like a bird, literally, by waving your arms up and down, relax by enjoying pleasant music and scenery in your journey.

Infinity Defend

Game Mode: Solo or Squad

Orcs, undead, elves... No matter how crazy the attack will be, your goal is to guard the tower behind and guard the honor of the race!

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