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MageCosmos Release Note

Hi islanders!

This is what we call our users, and this is our first time meeting up with you guys. Quiet exciting! Our team is made up of VR dreamers and doers and we all deeply believe that virtual reality is one of the ultimate technologies that will reshape people's way of living and even being. We have been experimenting and trying to create an experience that people can both have fun and feel the sense of belonging.

Thus, we have worked very hard in the last year to bring you this fantastic Social VR platform and we're very excited to share it with you: MageCosmos. It's now available on Meta Quest app lab, SideQuest and PICO4, hopefully sooner on Meta Quest Store.

MageCosmos is an open world high up in the sky, consisting of tens of thousands of floating islands. Each registered player will have a unique island as home, which will also be your virtual asset. As the game iterates and evolves, you will be able to personalize, expand, and manage it more and more, using it as a starting point to embark on a thrilling adventure. We hope that islanders can start from scratch here, building a different kind of life in this virtual world and gaining a greater sense of belonging.

  • Here, you'll have the opportunity to cultivate, manage, and expand your own farm by growing crops and flowers, raising livestock, and using shield and animal guardians to protect your harvest. With a multitude of gameplay combinations, you can accumulate wealth and earn your first big break in the game while enjoying yourself.

  • Explore your alter ego with a diverse range of avatars and voice changers, creating a brand new version of yourself.

  • Summon powerful fantasy pets to accompany you on adventures in the world, adding excitement to your social activities.

  • Make friends among VR enthusiasts by visiting each other's islands, "stealing" crops, and exchanging quirky and funny gifts, all while increasing your intimacy and forging unforgettable friendships.

  • Interact with others in the vast social hall of the Eternal Island: compete in PK basketball, collaborate on a 3D drawing, or explore various themed chat rooms with others, teaming up for shooting games or tower defense mini-games. MC offers you a variety of entertainment options!

You may also want to check out our social media:







This is an early version, so there might be bugs and other issues. Here’s the ways to report them. Please include steps on how to reproduce the bug so we can find and squash it with ease. You can send bugs to the #bugreport channel on Discord. Feel free to reach out to our admins and moderators for further feedback and suggestions. It's welcomed!

Ok, that’s it! We hope you have fun and enjoy your journey into MageCosmos!


The MageCosmos Dev Team


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